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How to financially prepare for a divorce

Divorce is an expensive process, from the costs of hiring attorneys to splitting up assets. It is financially difficult to maintain a household as an intact family, and dividing that family into two homes is even more difficult.  

Either party in a marriage can be the breadwinner.  Financial planning prior to and during the divorce process is important regardless of which spouse is the higher wage earner, or if both incomes are similar.

Reasons for increasing rates of gray divorce

After years together going about each other’s daily routine, retirement can end up being a stressor in many marriages. Divorce for couples over 50 has been coined “gray divorce.” With children grown and living away from home, combined with either or both partners retired and home all the time, irritation can reach peak levels.

Who receives your family home in a Massachusetts divorce?

Perhaps you and your spouse choose to separate and divorce. Along with other property you have acquired during your marriage, you wonder who will keep the home that you and your spouse (and perhaps children) live in.

Massachusetts courts consider 17 different factors in determining how to divide property. The Judge will divide property equitably, versus equally.  The Court will consider the length of your marriage, your ages, employability of each of you and conduct, among other factors to be considered.  Sometimes the Court will consider what year your children are in school in deciding when the home will be divided, sold or perhaps one spouse will buy-out the other's interest.  

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